Sunday, May 16, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Miss KeKe

Lyrics. Style. Image. Keke, also known as Kelechi Onwumere, is a 22 yr old
female emcee/singer/songwriter that encompasses all of these characteristics
and more. With both of her parents being of Nigerian descent, Keke takes pride
in her culture and continuously embraces it. Although she has never been to
Nigeria, her diverse array of musical inheritance is beyond measure. Keke began
her interest in music at the early age of five when she developed an interest in
singing. Five years later she expanded into the field of Hip Hop. At the young age
of 10, the fifth grader started writing rhymes to test her lyrical abilities. “I was
really young so I just used to write down words that rhymed, and see which ones
made sense” says the talented rapper. “From ages 10 -12, I was trying to perfect
my writing skills. At ages 12-14, I wanted to master the art of freestyling, and
from the ages of 14-16, I learned how to battle” says Keke. Keke released her first
album entitled “The Story of a Freestyle Pro” in 2003 at the age of 15. The
album carried the hit song “Freestyle Pro” which received radio spins on 89.3
KNON and 97.9 The Beat. When asked of the album, Keke replied, “I did not
want to put out an album until I knew for sure that I was confident with my rap
style and battling techniques”. Keke’s hit song “Freestyle Pro” won her talent
shows, collaborations, street credibility, and the opportunity to make the
introductory song to 97.9 The Beats “Da Show” hosted by radio personalities
Headkrack, Supa K, and Keynote . In 2002, Keke competed in the Mesquite Battle
of the Bands talent show, to which she was the only hip-hop act competing
against nine alternative rock bands. She took home the first place cash prize
consecutively for four years until they retired her from the competition. Through
her participation in the Battle of the Bands, she received features in the Mesquite
News and the Dallas Morning News. Keke had also been featured for eight weeks
on 89.3’s Jam it or Damn it segment as well as 97.9 The Beat’s freestyle battle
contest to which she was the 13-week reigning champ. Both stations eventually
retired her after numerous wins. In 2005, Keke released her mixtape “2 Hot 4
Cd” which helped her build a larger fan base in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Through this mixtape, she gained visibility in different states, and even received a
feature in southern hip-hop magazine, Block2Block. Keke was also a
performer at the 2005 Texas Summer Music Conference, one of the largest urban
film, fashion and music conferences in the United States. Keke was recognized as
Most Talented at her 2005 Mesquite High School prom, and received this award
again at her college in 2006 through the University of Texas at Arlington’s Alpha
Phi Alpha Collection of Brothers ceremony. In 2007, Keke released a mixtape
titled “The Prototype” which received great feedback from consumers. The
release included an extravagant release party that led to several newly created
avenues. Having graduated in May 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Political
Science and a minor in communications, Keke is back to execute her goals in the
entertainment industry. With a recent appearance made on the Hot 16 segment
of B.E.T.’s “The Deal,” Keke has shown the world that she is back to make her
mark. With the new release of her highly anticipated mixtape titled “The
Beginning of the Future,” Keke has gained a new fan base as well as a new
love for music. She is currently promoting her new single titled “1st Class
Chick” which is now released to the public. With this project, she hopes to gain
the attention of many supporters with her primary goal being in creating an
impact. “I call myself a New Breed of Chick because I know there is no one else
in this world that is like me, and I am here for the greater good. I have been
making music for approximately 13 years now so I am fully equipped. I am here
to raise the bar and set the standards. I am a respectable, classy woman and those
are who I speak for so now that voice must be heard.” With the oversaturation of
the entertainment industry, Keke hopes to set herself apart from other artists in
general and create a new path strictly for her. What’s next for Keke? The
possibilities are limitless. One thing she believes is, with God on her side, she has
nowhere to go but up.


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