Thursday, December 23, 2010

DJ Tati MixShow #4

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Up Outta That - John Lass
Messieurs -Tyson Kruze
Shorty Said - T-Campbell
Dueces - Kim Morrell
Holy Macoroni - Rugar Rico Feat. DCross
Hope - Mel Jour
Hit em - Suda Boss
Make em Mad - Young Nik
Out The Park Freestyle - JB
Jelly On Deck - G5 Jiz
U Aint Seen Nothin - LT Feat. B Boi of Mullage
We Own The Night - Devon Michaels
Catch The Rhyme - John Lass
Sing Like Bilal Freestyle - Warren Wint & DNA
Queens - Nova AKA Boom
We Fly - JB Feat. 1000 Watts Da Kid
A New Girl (Shelley) - Kill Will Swaggaton
Cruise Control - John Lass

DJ Tati MixShow #3

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Hustlin Aint Dead - T-Campbell
Summers Mine - Sage Bravo Ft. Savage & Rickie Jacobs
Drink In My Hand - No Way Out
Jay is Realer (Black And Yellow Remix) - JB
Packin Metal - Rugar Rico Feat. Kill Will Swaggaton
Black And Yellow BK Remix - Young AK Feat. Dapa Flex
Put Your Money on The Table - Izreal Feat. Rosewood
Hip Hop - Danny Southside
Spazz Out - Spazz Feat. Papoose
Fall in Line - Reek Da Villain Feat. MOP
Baddest Lil Chick - Young Vinchi
Right One - Mouce Ft. Janelle Nadine
Go Off - Kassius_Brikkz
Never Let the Party Stop - Kaydee
Ditty Dumb Dumb - Fresh Unlimited
Rose Red - Kill Will Swaggaton

DJ Tati MixShow #2

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Shoutout to my partner DJ Madic

Shorty Said- T-Campbell
Your Life- Lil Boone
Still A Freak- OhShawn
Moments - T-Campbell
Freaky Song- Notty Black Ft. T-Pain
Like My Swagga- 85 Boyz
Dueces- Kim Morrell
Holy Macoroni - Kill Will Swaggaton Feat. Rugar Rico
Ditch Yo Boyfriend- Seymore Kitty Feat. Izreal, & Yung S
Forbidding Passion- Nova AKA Boom
All I Want Is You-Kim Morrell
Keep It Real- Shanz Feat. Timberlee
Hold Yuh- Kill Will Swaggaton Feat. Gyptian
Good Time- Beniton The Menace

DJ Tati MixShow #1

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Hustlin aint dead - T-Campbell
Buku- Lil Boone
First Class Chick - Miss Keke
Ms. Louis Vuitton - T-Campbell
Leggo - Moe Fundz
I Love Money - T- Campbell
Till The Sunrise - Mav Feat Juice
Women lie, Men Lie - Kill Will Swaggaton
Hennessey and Coke - Supaastar Feat Fresh
Bend Ya Back - Fresh Unlimited
Ass Big as the Sun - CEO D-Money

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- K-Neezy

With his mind made up and with great determination K_NeeZy asserts a confidence much needed for someone trying to bring attention to Arizona's hip-hop scene. He has already released three mixtapes this year and has a debut album due out this fall. K_NeeZy was born and raised in Phoenix, Ariz. on the eastside. In his early teens he relocated to San Diego, where he learned the hard knocks of life and developed a love for hip-hop. He returned back to Arizona in 2001. Shortly after he became a co-founder of Colla Poppin' Association also known as C.P.A. Playboys, with his step brothers. He is currently a member of The Hood Cartel (THC) in which he joined in 2006. This local rapper has been putting in major work since he came on the scene in 2002. Including his demo release in 2003 " My City Grind," 2008s " Preparations of a Boss," and this years “Unexpected: 48 Hour Mixed Tape.” " We In the Zone" is his latest effort. A collaboration with brother Dezert Foxx and featuring younger sibling SK.To listen to tracks go to, and receive free downloads from the album. He is also going to be on next week's released mixtape "TraeNeezy" with fellow THC member Trae Gaines December will be the month, K_NeeZy, drops his debut album, "Written in Stone." "I released several mixtapes but I want this one to be like that breaking point album," he says of his a anticipated debut. The album will be released by his No Mercy Entertainment independent label, with possible nationwide distribution in the works. . On the day of the interview K_NeeZy was soon to be off to his next venture in music. He's expanding his music career and heading east to Myrtle Beach, SC where he already has two shows he will be headlining. As far as if he will still represent Arizona, his response, "Oh for life that's what it is. Whatever state I go to; AZ ... thats what they know me by, AZ. ." I can't take that away even if I wanted to.I'm going t be AZ for life." K_NeeZy has the focus, talent, and drive to become a known force in the hip-hop industry. Arizona has a strong allie to represent them and further bring much needed attention to our local music scene. He is already n his way to making his name nationally known.
twitter: @kneezy602

NEW SINGLE "SAY DAT" Available on iTunes