Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ladies Of Getz It Out Show #1

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Sour Diesel Freestyle - JB
I Could Be Your Chick - Minnie Medina
Shorty Said - T-Campbell
Hope - Mel Jour
Death Of Swag - Slate Stone
I Love Money - T-Campbell
No Fair Exchange - Young Nik
Same Sh*t, Different Day - TeeJay
Window Seat Freestyle - Sage Bravo
All I Kno - Kassius_Brikkz Feat. Lammy
Aftermath - Young Vain Feat. Amastad
Realest to Run It - Inna Oye
Could I Be - Minnie Medina
I Don't Know - Buck Roger$
Ily - Tyson Kruze
Ms. Louis Vuitton - T-Campbell
Run For Your Life - T-Campbell

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Sydnee-Jane

Bringing a fresh new sound that is resonating through Houston’s underground music world, Sydnee-Jane has become known for making great records, bycombining intimate, intricate verses with catchy hooks. Sydnee-Jane is a classically trained vocalist, and a well rounded artist with a musical family that hails from Texas and has played with greats such as Count Bassie. The Houston, Texas, "southern singer," song-writer, arranger, and producer looks to get her music heard throughout the world. Sydnee-Jane is truly one of a kind, she toured a stint with a local rock band, under the name Sydnee-Jane & The Damen Austin Band creating the greatest fusion ofSoul & Rock music. Sydnee-Jane is currently workingwith Multi-Platinum Producers Joe Traxx (Mya, UGK, Ciara, Scarface Etc.), and N.O. Joe (Office Space, Sprite, Family Guy, Scarface, Brian McKnight, Lil Wayne, Etc.), along with her songwriting company, DicknJane Lyrikz on the next Sydnee-Jane project, as well major song placements and touring with her own live showensemble The Jane-Ettes & The Essence of Soul Band. When Sydnee-Jane is asked to describe her style she breaks it down into two categories, “as a songwriter, my music is a fusion of genres from classical music to rap, but as an artist my style is heavily concentrated in the Soul, Pop, and Rock areas with a splash of doo-wop. Recently, I have been experimenting with 50’s, 60s and 70s music, and I love the Woodstock era.” Background: Her extensive background includes a starring stage performance in The Velveteen Rabbit, at the Ensemble Theater, which ran for several years 1998-2001 on the local television network, andperforming for former First Lady Barbara Bush. She was also elected to sing lead by Robert Ray, a moderncomposer of the piece entitled, Gospel Mass in C, an arranged version of Mozart’s Mass in C, a 23 page work in 2002, and was also a chosen vocalist elected to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York. She was a featured model during NBA All Star Weekend in Houston, TX along side of, Eva Pigford & TysonBeckford, in the All Star Fashion Show, and a performance on the same stage as female rap superstars, Trina and Nicki Minaj in 2010. Sydnee-Jane has also been a featured performer at SXSW in 2006 and 2010. Current Projects: She is working on a solo EP project entitled “Jane’s World: A Trilogy” which includes the futuristic soul, pop, rock song “Ready to Go.” Sydnee-Jane also introduces a new school, doo-wop,soul sound on the songs, The World is Crazy, and Gimmie More, which are produced by N.O. Joe. Sydnee-Jane is also touring with her live show background vocalists, The Jane-Ettes. Releases: Sydnee-Jane’s 2nd album was released unofficially in 2008, and her introductory album, TurnMe On, was released in November 2005. Her follow up promotional EP, Turn Me On V2; 4 Tha Luv OfMuzik, caught the attention of many industry heavyweights and proved that she is here to stay. Credits: Sydnee-Jane’s futuristic soul sounds have been featured on the albums of artist Ying Yang Twins (album Ying Yang Forever), Scarface, Big Mike (Keep it Playa), Ice Mike (Smokus Pokus), Candi Redd(Code Redd/Redd Alert), an internet cartoon series, Jay’s Life, and Your Love, the title track of the HBO Movie After-School Special to name a few.

Sydnee-Jane Ft. The Jane-Ettes - Cover Pink's Crystal Ball

Sydnee-Jane Ft. The Essence of Soul Band

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