Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interview with Tilibop

Last week (Nov. 13, 2010) Swiss Chocolate Vixens Radio Interviewed Tilibop. Here is some footage:

(excuse the way I was looking...I was comfortable lol)

Big shoutout to Tilibop, Beans, Smartz, and all the other management and staff that came to the show!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Moe Fundz

Morris Hardy A.K.A Moe Fundz was born August 18,1983.The oldest of
three children started performing in talent shows at the age of 7
years old. He was pursuing his basketball dreams when he first statred
rapping in 2005. He quotes "Yeah i was doin the basketball thing hard
then one day i started playing around writing rhymes and my man GUCC
DASH (Justin Winslow) told me 'yo you aight you should stick with it.
I took it as a compliment coming from him cause he was nice". Tragedy
struck in 2006 when Moe found out his partner GUCC had been shot and
killed. "I felt i had to do this not just for me but for Gucc also he
was the one who made me go hard for this so im doin this for both of
us. Moe doesnt just rap, He is starting to be recognized for his
live perfomance as well. He attributes this to some of his favorite
artists such as Busta Rhymes,Jayz P.Diddy and other great
performers."I like to put on a show i wanna be recognized as a
His energetic performances have won him many shows most recently the
HOT97 talent showcase. Producer E-DUBB Quoted after a performance "If
you dont like Moe Fundz you dont like music" Fresh off the Unsigned
Explosion Tour where he electrified crowds in Boston, Newburgh,
Conneticut as well as Philly his fan base continues to grow. He can be
identified by his signiture "M.F. Gooonnnne"!!
check out the latest video "PATNA DEM" from his much anticipated cd
titled "Iam Money"