Thursday, February 3, 2011


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Confidence - Super Jigga TC
Shake You Thing - Tony Felix
Dip - Augusta
Mas and Wining - Patrice Roberts
Hush and Wine - Sizwe C
Motorbike - Shall Marshal
Speakerboxx - Super Jigga TC
Wotless - Kes The Band
U Alone - Request Band
Drunk Man - Tallpree
Maniac - Shurwayne Winchester
Jammin - Shurwayne Winchester Feat. Edwin Yearwood
Cah Let Go - Fede
Ramajay - Lyrikal
Wine To The Side - Benjai
Tanti Woi - Blaxx
Makelele - Alison Hinds
Bend Right Over - Buhwamoder
Colors - Fire Empress
King Road - Maddzart
Hard Wuk - Machel Montano
Crazy - Tallpree

Ladies Of Getz It Out Show #3

Interview With DJ Hus

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Chevy - HB and Fat B
Wheels Spinnin Low - Mississippi Sipp
Leggo - Moe Fundz
Lyrical Heroin - TeeJay
This Road - Trap
The Realest - Luminous P
Hold Me Down - Over 21 Feat. Rickie Jacobs
Would You Be Down - Devon Michael
So Classie - Classie
Nightlife - 4 Brothers
C-L Smooth - 420 District Feat. Brookside Bird
Never Be The Same - Ave Money Feat. Kelly Boy & Shube
Just Can't Keep Still - Classie

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Jewelz P

Jewelz P. is a rapper,singer,beatsmith, and songwriter. Born in Orange County, CA raised in New York then moved to Las Vegas, Jewelz had a taste of every culture of music and makes sure you get a dose of it in each song. Opened for some of the most known music artists in the industry such as Twista, Tech N9ne, Ying Yang Twins, Nappy Roots, E-40, etc. Been featured artist on many sites including and His lead single "Got Dammie" has been making noise across the U.S. and Jewelz simply responds about time.
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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ohshawn- The Book Of Ohshawn - Mixtape Review

First off let me say that I am really feeling this mixtape. Definitely an album I can pop in on a night cruise in the car. Or even a train cruise (lol). All the songs have bumpage and are all nod worthy. There is a song on here for everyone. GIVE IT A LISTEN! Don't Sleep On Ohshawn!

The Prologue - Interesting way to start the mixtape.

Feel So different - #BUMPAGE. Nod worthy. Production is incredible a great way to open the mixtape

N.W.O - The Flow is just incredible especially because its upbeat.

Hell Naw - Production is sick. Flow is crazy. Reminds me of something Outkast would have done.

Oh, Lets Do It Again - Nod Worthy.

Beat it up - Production is good. Perfect cruise music on a late night.

Still A Freak - One of my favorites on the mixtape. Flow is real laid back yet compelling. #NODWORTHY

Business - Once again great production. BUMPAGE!

Down like that - The hit* Point Blank

DYTAM - Ohshawn's POV of "Do You Think About Me" (50 cent). I like Ohshawn's better.

Unthinkable - Definitely that tune that makes you think. Every Mixtape/Album has to have a song like this.

Mr. Ohshawn (Glass Of Grenades) - Definitely a night tune when you are cruising in your car. #MAXout

Coup D'Etat - Somewhat a crossover hit. Real mellow tune

Q&A - Ohshawn over the Luchini Beat = Priceless #BUMPAGE

Sweetest Thing - Mellow tune #Maxout

Up to my face (B#tch) - #NODWORTHY Nice usual (lol)

Betty Rock - The flow is RIDICULOUS


Not Me - Good Production. Good Message

@IamOhshawn - Nice vibe. #NODWORTHY

You Will Never Know - Love this song. #BUMPAGE #MAXout #NODWORTHY all in one

The Blacklist - Good Production. I just wished the song wasn't so short.

The Book Of Ohshawn - Best song on the mixtape. Luckily its the Album's title. Definitely the song to end the mixtape

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