Sunday, December 26, 2010

DJ Tati MixShow #5

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After Party - A-1 Supergroup
On My D*ck - LA Da Boomman Feat. Roscoe Dash
Leggo - Moe Fundz
Hit Em - Suda Boss
Mad Flavor - Streetz & Young Deuces
Getting It In - LA Da Boomman Feat. Waka Flocka
Stoopid - Cambatta
TrakBoss - Back To The Middle
She's a Killer - Bobby Capri Feat. Danny Brown
Motivated - B Brown Feat. T-Pain
Speakers Goin Hammer - Tyson Kruze
Get On My Level - JB
Got My Own Team - Shadow Feat. Adios
Gey My Paper Up - Kassius_Brikkz
I Can Smell a Hater - Minnie Medina
Right One - Mouce Feat. Janelle Nadine
Official - Warren Wint Feat. Dramaa
Open Arms - Danny SouthSide
Best Kept Secret - A-1 The Supergroup
Hi Thymes- John Lass Feat. Kay La Forge

Thursday, December 23, 2010

DJ Tati MixShow #4

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Up Outta That - John Lass
Messieurs -Tyson Kruze
Shorty Said - T-Campbell
Dueces - Kim Morrell
Holy Macoroni - Rugar Rico Feat. DCross
Hope - Mel Jour
Hit em - Suda Boss
Make em Mad - Young Nik
Out The Park Freestyle - JB
Jelly On Deck - G5 Jiz
U Aint Seen Nothin - LT Feat. B Boi of Mullage
We Own The Night - Devon Michaels
Catch The Rhyme - John Lass
Sing Like Bilal Freestyle - Warren Wint & DNA
Queens - Nova AKA Boom
We Fly - JB Feat. 1000 Watts Da Kid
A New Girl (Shelley) - Kill Will Swaggaton
Cruise Control - John Lass

DJ Tati MixShow #3

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Hustlin Aint Dead - T-Campbell
Summers Mine - Sage Bravo Ft. Savage & Rickie Jacobs
Drink In My Hand - No Way Out
Jay is Realer (Black And Yellow Remix) - JB
Packin Metal - Rugar Rico Feat. Kill Will Swaggaton
Black And Yellow BK Remix - Young AK Feat. Dapa Flex
Put Your Money on The Table - Izreal Feat. Rosewood
Hip Hop - Danny Southside
Spazz Out - Spazz Feat. Papoose
Fall in Line - Reek Da Villain Feat. MOP
Baddest Lil Chick - Young Vinchi
Right One - Mouce Ft. Janelle Nadine
Go Off - Kassius_Brikkz
Never Let the Party Stop - Kaydee
Ditty Dumb Dumb - Fresh Unlimited
Rose Red - Kill Will Swaggaton

DJ Tati MixShow #2

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Shoutout to my partner DJ Madic

Shorty Said- T-Campbell
Your Life- Lil Boone
Still A Freak- OhShawn
Moments - T-Campbell
Freaky Song- Notty Black Ft. T-Pain
Like My Swagga- 85 Boyz
Dueces- Kim Morrell
Holy Macoroni - Kill Will Swaggaton Feat. Rugar Rico
Ditch Yo Boyfriend- Seymore Kitty Feat. Izreal, & Yung S
Forbidding Passion- Nova AKA Boom
All I Want Is You-Kim Morrell
Keep It Real- Shanz Feat. Timberlee
Hold Yuh- Kill Will Swaggaton Feat. Gyptian
Good Time- Beniton The Menace

DJ Tati MixShow #1

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Hustlin aint dead - T-Campbell
Buku- Lil Boone
First Class Chick - Miss Keke
Ms. Louis Vuitton - T-Campbell
Leggo - Moe Fundz
I Love Money - T- Campbell
Till The Sunrise - Mav Feat Juice
Women lie, Men Lie - Kill Will Swaggaton
Hennessey and Coke - Supaastar Feat Fresh
Bend Ya Back - Fresh Unlimited
Ass Big as the Sun - CEO D-Money

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- K-Neezy

With his mind made up and with great determination K_NeeZy asserts a confidence much needed for someone trying to bring attention to Arizona's hip-hop scene. He has already released three mixtapes this year and has a debut album due out this fall. K_NeeZy was born and raised in Phoenix, Ariz. on the eastside. In his early teens he relocated to San Diego, where he learned the hard knocks of life and developed a love for hip-hop. He returned back to Arizona in 2001. Shortly after he became a co-founder of Colla Poppin' Association also known as C.P.A. Playboys, with his step brothers. He is currently a member of The Hood Cartel (THC) in which he joined in 2006. This local rapper has been putting in major work since he came on the scene in 2002. Including his demo release in 2003 " My City Grind," 2008s " Preparations of a Boss," and this years “Unexpected: 48 Hour Mixed Tape.” " We In the Zone" is his latest effort. A collaboration with brother Dezert Foxx and featuring younger sibling SK.To listen to tracks go to, and receive free downloads from the album. He is also going to be on next week's released mixtape "TraeNeezy" with fellow THC member Trae Gaines December will be the month, K_NeeZy, drops his debut album, "Written in Stone." "I released several mixtapes but I want this one to be like that breaking point album," he says of his a anticipated debut. The album will be released by his No Mercy Entertainment independent label, with possible nationwide distribution in the works. . On the day of the interview K_NeeZy was soon to be off to his next venture in music. He's expanding his music career and heading east to Myrtle Beach, SC where he already has two shows he will be headlining. As far as if he will still represent Arizona, his response, "Oh for life that's what it is. Whatever state I go to; AZ ... thats what they know me by, AZ. ." I can't take that away even if I wanted to.I'm going t be AZ for life." K_NeeZy has the focus, talent, and drive to become a known force in the hip-hop industry. Arizona has a strong allie to represent them and further bring much needed attention to our local music scene. He is already n his way to making his name nationally known.
twitter: @kneezy602

NEW SINGLE "SAY DAT" Available on iTunes

Friday, December 10, 2010

Interview With Young Nik

Young Nik was featured as Artist of the week November 25th, 2010. Random Fact...I met Young Nik about 3 years at a tv taping for artists and producers. I was the house DJ and out of no where I see this girl on the stage freestyling better than all the men that where there.After the event was done... HAD TO NETWORK!!!!! Later Seen her by surprise at the GCDJ event in brooklyn where I was also one of the DJ's. She came to me!!!!! lol. So having Young Nik on my blog is an honor and I can't wait till she makes it big. FEMALE POWER!!!!!

Here is the Interview:
White writing=Young Nik

What age did you start rapping? Girl I'm not really sure lol maybe 14

What made you want to rap? The culture of rap at the time, the feeling it gave, the togetherness and also the competitiveness. It brought people together in fun and that's what I wanted to be apart of.

Who are your influences? Family, Biggie, Jay-Z, Kim, Foxxy Brown and Myself

How hard is it to stand out as "another female rapper" with all of the hype going on with Nicki Minaj etc? Lol. Hard? What's that? It's not hard at all! Hype is temporary, I'm out to be a classic!

What do you bring to the table that makes you stand out? My personality. Also, my style, I call it hip-clectic ;) I made that up. It's a mixture of hip hop, r&b, pop, techno, etc. I made it up because I just couldn't define myself with one genre. Lucky Me! :)

Who are some artist you would like to collaborate with? Coldplay, Jay-z, Katy perry, Bono & Beyonce to name a few.

Would you consider crossing over? Well, I feel like good music is universal and fits every genre of music and creed of people. That's the music I'm out to make. :) So to answer your question directly, yes I would.

What do you want to be remembered for? My music, personality and message. Heal the world like MJ lol really though.

What is your greatest fear ? Failure

When your not performing or working on a new track, how do you like to relax? I like to cook, get comfy and watch movies lol or travel and hang with friends and family :)

What is your favorite food? Lobster

What artist would you compare yourself to? Jay-Z

What is your favorite song? No Fair Exchange by Young Nik

How do you feel about having your music stolen or leaked rather than purchased? Just like a dept. Store u have to expect some type of loss, I just want to be heard and loved :)... As long as the gain is more than the loss, I'm cool.

Random fact about yourself? I like sugar in my collard greens.

Hidden Talent? I can cook.

If you weren't a rapper what would you be? I would be a doctor, I love to help the needy.

Any last words? Walk with Me on this musical journey, success is all we focused on! ;) I think I have a pretty good sense of humor lol try me! ..... I've been on hot97, 105.1, in Source Magazine twice and Straight Stuntin' Magazine... This is just my beginning! ;)

Thank You Young Nik!!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Sage Bravo

Malcolm Peoples, better known as Sage Bravo, was born March 15th, 1985 in
West Baltimore, MD. Eldest of three siblings, he has been musically gifted
since he could talk. Coming from a upbringing with his mother being an
addict, and his grandmother being spiritual and in church,
Sage had no other choice but to gain attention from God given talents,
hence, his music. His name speaks for itself. Sage meaning one of wisdom,
accentuates his well detailed, knowledge influenced, street savvy lyrics,
along with a plethora of different styles and impeccably solid flow. Bravo,
coming from his high-school friend, and long time teammate Shandon "Rockey"
Smith, was inspired when Sage would spit and it resulted in Rockey saying
"Bravo, Bravo!!”. Multi-talented, Malcolm learned many of the major aspects
of the music business without going to college, or without being taught. He
also taught himself the ins and outs of production hardware, software, and
terms. Also educated in music theory along with history of great musicians,
his influences stretch as far as David Ruffin of the Temptations, Marvin
Gaye, and Sam Cooke, to modern day influences such as Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco,
Kanye West, Nas, and Joe Budden. He never lacks motivation.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Young Nik

Hailing from Fort Greene Brooklyn, Dominique “Young Nik” George has staked her claim as a renowned talent in the hip-hop industry. The 21-year-old female emcee’s captivating flow and witty lyricism is a breath of fresh air for female emcees and hip-hop connoisseurs alike. Growing up in the heart of hip-hop (NYC), Nik fell in love with word play at a very young age. The very essence of Nik’s hipclectic style of song and rhyme brings a very distinct voice to the hip-hop culture. Her unique sound has been influenced by an all-inclusive repertoire of music. From Nina Simone and Jimmi Hendrix to Lauryn Hill and Cold play, Young Nik’s adoration for a diversity of sounds is made manifest in every song she writes. “I grew up surrounded by hip-hop,” recalls Nik. “It was inevitable that I’d eat, breathe and live it". As a lyricist, performer and model, Young Nik has explored many faces of the entertainment industry. After a short stint with an all girl group, affiliated with G-Unit, Young Nik decided to step out on her own. Her talent has catapulted her into numerous features. Working with a host of DJ’s including, DJ Megamillz, DJ Nina 9, DJ Boof, Fully Focused, DJ Uneek (G-Unit), DJ Finesse (Bad Boy), and DJ Self, Young Nik has proven to be a producer’s dream come true. As the once heralded Source Magazine’s “Unsigned Hype”, Nik has an array of accomplishments. A few of her credentials include October 2008 Straight Stuntin’ Magazine’s Future Female Emcee and Kay Slay’s “Hottest Female Emcees in the Tri-State Area”. Young Nik, the winner of February 2008“Faces in the Crowd” is pound for pound, a force to be reckoned with. Currently, Young Nik is featured with the most influential female emcees across the country, in the Femcees Mix tape expected to release Fall 2009. Utilizing every aspect of her creative spirit, YoungNik has developed a clothing line of designer tees expected to be available nationwide soon.

Be on the lookout for the interview next week.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Interview with Tilibop

Last week (Nov. 13, 2010) Swiss Chocolate Vixens Radio Interviewed Tilibop. Here is some footage:

(excuse the way I was looking...I was comfortable lol)

Big shoutout to Tilibop, Beans, Smartz, and all the other management and staff that came to the show!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Moe Fundz

Morris Hardy A.K.A Moe Fundz was born August 18,1983.The oldest of
three children started performing in talent shows at the age of 7
years old. He was pursuing his basketball dreams when he first statred
rapping in 2005. He quotes "Yeah i was doin the basketball thing hard
then one day i started playing around writing rhymes and my man GUCC
DASH (Justin Winslow) told me 'yo you aight you should stick with it.
I took it as a compliment coming from him cause he was nice". Tragedy
struck in 2006 when Moe found out his partner GUCC had been shot and
killed. "I felt i had to do this not just for me but for Gucc also he
was the one who made me go hard for this so im doin this for both of
us. Moe doesnt just rap, He is starting to be recognized for his
live perfomance as well. He attributes this to some of his favorite
artists such as Busta Rhymes,Jayz P.Diddy and other great
performers."I like to put on a show i wanna be recognized as a
His energetic performances have won him many shows most recently the
HOT97 talent showcase. Producer E-DUBB Quoted after a performance "If
you dont like Moe Fundz you dont like music" Fresh off the Unsigned
Explosion Tour where he electrified crowds in Boston, Newburgh,
Conneticut as well as Philly his fan base continues to grow. He can be
identified by his signiture "M.F. Gooonnnne"!!
check out the latest video "PATNA DEM" from his much anticipated cd
titled "Iam Money"

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Warren Wint

Born in New York, New York to Errol George Wint and Marcia Angela Brissett Wint, Warren Daryl Wint took his first breath of fresh air on January 27 1991, the same day Super Bowl XXV(Super Bowl 25)was aired in which the Buffalo Bills were defeated by the New York Giants in the smallest margin ever(1 point)with the final score being 20-19. Warren grew up on Long Island, New York with his mother and brothers traveling back and forth until finally settling down in Elmont, then Floral Park. Warren went to school at Stewart Manor Elementary and is going to graduate at Sewanhaka High School in June 2009. Warren was never one to be interested into music, in fact , he wanted to have several different occupations before thinking about becoming a music artist. What got Warren interested into music as a career was his an event that occurred at his friend's birthday party which took place on November 20 2003. A freestyle competition was held in which the winner was to receive money as a prize. Warren figured he and his best friend Joe go up on the stage and split the prize money in what would seem as a "win,win" situation. Once on stage, the two battled each other hoping to get some money and along the way, notoriety. Unfortunately for Warren, that experience would be one to remember forever! As Joe finished reciting his verse, Warren was hoping to hear his name announced as the winner for the competition, but instead the crowd had other plans in mind. "Booooooooooooo" as the crowd roared the sound of a loud boo that would echo in Warren's mind like a repetitive chant. From that day forward, he vowed to prove everyone wrong, everyone that doubted him, he vowed to show them that anything can be achieved once you put your mind to it. At first it was a challenging task writing songs let alone verses , but as time progressed on, it seemed to come natural as soon as a beat was played. Currently, Warren resides in Floral Park with his family and is working hard as an unsigned artist to promote his music. Warren Wint plans on making his mark in the music scene as not only an independent artist who is willing to do anything and everything to achieve his dreams, but as a person to be remembered forever. God Bless You All !

Honestly Speaking mixtape -

Warren Wint
516 - 424 - 7422

Saturday, October 30, 2010

John Lass - Out The Box - Mixtape Review

First off let me say that I am becoming a fan of this brother here: John Lass

This mixtape belongs on everyone iPods, CD players, cars etc. Each and every song on here is worthy of your ears. Bump worthy, Repeat worthy etc. Its been a while since I have really liked a mixtape. And if I am doing a review on it, YOU KNOW ITS GOOD. I strongly recommend John Lass' "Out of The Box" especially if you are losing hope in today's generation of rappers. Might I add, he raps and produces most of his work. DON'T SLEEP ON JOHN LASS!

Out of The Box Intro

Hello - Definitely a song to bump! Also a great song to start the mixtape other than the intro.

Cruise Control* - Great production, nice mellow mood. Def something to bump to.

Power - Lyrics are really showcased nicely on this song.

Bright Eyes- Absolutely loving the production on this song very mellow and jazzy, and of course Incredible lyrics.

While I wait* - One of my favorite songs on the mixtape. Production-Message-Lyrically wise. Also very mellow and witty.

Dear Hip Hop* - One of the best productions on the mixtape. Mellow. And smooth. Repeat worthy!

Good Evening - Nice acoustic music with addition of great lyrics. Mellow-chill out-Sip on some Hot Cocoa music

Dream On- Simplistic mellow beat with very powerful lyrics. I'm sure we could all some how relate to this song.

There's A Way - Production is incredible. Reminds me of something Premo(DJ Premier) would do. Has that "underground" feel to it (Perfect for DJ's to add to a mix).

Last Action Here - Production is also very good..very "out of the box". Has a Akufen vs Kanye vibe to it.

Hooray For Lass - Production also just incredible very "Neptunes" but also Very John Lass.

Losers Can Be A Winner - BUMP WORTHY! Can definitely be an underground song merging to mainstream.

World is Yours - Dope lyrics over the "The world is yours" by Nas

Cloud 1165* - Production is very good. Lyrics are on point. BUMP WORTHY!

Hi Thymes ft. Kay La Forge - BUMP WORTHY! POINT BLANK!

Thunderbird Theme Music - Nice mellow song over The Late Issac Hayes' "The Look Of Love" with some added production.

Up Outta That - Radio quality. BUMP WORTHY!

Moment For Her - Such a sweet song with no lyrics from Lass but from whats playing you get where he is coming from.

Love Set You Free* - One of my favorites on here. Pure mellow vibes. Also a sweet song.

I Still Love You - Simple beat that gradually becomes complex (A very good thing). The flow one this one is crazy.

Catch The Rhyme ft. - All rappers on here did a very good job. Has a old school vibe but still manages to be 2010.

Home School - A song that would most likely be put in the southern category. Also something for the clubs.

The message - Production is great. Ridiculous flow. Radio quality also.

Out of The Intro- So rare that artists even have outros anymore..But this is by far one of the dopest outros I have heard since "The Score" by the Fugees.

So There You have it! Now go Download And experience John Lass.

DJ Tati Approved

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Josh Hurt

Josh Hurt, a 21-year-old performer born and raised in a suburban area of Arlington, Texas, discovered his talent for singing at the age of 5. “My love for music was sparked by singing in the church choir, where my uncle was the pianist.” As his passion for music strengthened, so did his desire to create rhythmic verse and short stories following in the footsteps of his poetic mother. He began to write when he was 9 years old, and the words seemed to naturally lead into lyrical melodies that began a musical voyage for him that would ignite his heart and soul to create music with a

message. “Although I was young when I started to write, the content of these songs was something that people of any age could identify with.”

Using his early R&B inspirations like Dru Hill, Mariah Carey, Destiny's Child, and Michael Jackson as his personal muse, he developed a taste for the sounds of R&B, soul, pop, acoustic, and techno music that he expounded upon, creating a truly unique sound that can best be described as urban electronic with a message. “The main message

about my music is to not take life too seriously. Sometimes we have relationship issues or we deal with our own insecurities, but we must be reminded that we only have one life to live. I don't promote anyone living recklessly, but neither do I uphold any boundaries.”

In July, 2009 the debut single “Open the Door” was recorded at The Kitchen in Dallas, Texas; which has produced multiple albums for several top-industry names such as Erykah Badu and Common. “The line 'Once you let me in, I'm gonna win’ sums it up perfectly; I'm confident that although I make mistakes like everyone else, I know how to redeem myself and learn from those mistakes.” He began shooting the video for “Open the Door” in March, 2010, soldiering his way along tracking down the best choreographer, dancers, sound, lighting and audio he could locate. “You have to gather up a team of people to see and follow your vision.” Josh Hurt has just recently released the music video for his second single, “Midnight Racer”, and is still in the studio wrapping up his first project, “The Exhibition” EP to be released later this year.

In addition to his undeniable gift of musical talent, Hurt also has an aptitude for learning, and is currently a student at the University of North Texas studying Economics and Financial Planning. To follow Josh Hurt’s advancement in the music world, visit and for more information on shows coming to your area soon. The hit singles “Open the Door” and “Midnight Racer”, currently available on iTunes. He is a truly a force to be reckoned with, and plans to take the music world by storm.



Telephone: (817) 404-8700

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Marcii

Nothing like the average rapper Marcii don't focus on making a radio friendly song but instead he is committed to making timeless music that feel good to both the ladies and the gents. Birth in Trinidad he moved back and forth to Brooklyn, NY, as a child till he moved to Pennsylvania and made a name for himself as a local MC. Working with partner Mill$ and Hoodgrown CEO who worked with the likes Cadilac Tah if Murder Inc. and Onyx Marcii grew as an artist and as a person. Now 22 he is now focus on his career and life more than ever before.



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Tilibop

Do not go where the path leads. Go where there is no path and blaze a trail…Tilibop is doing just that, as the talented, innovator of the Reggae Music Alternative Movement. His music has garnered him, rave reviews as his 38,000 friends on his My Space page will attest, a long with 1.5 million music lovers also listening with rapt attention.

This reggae sensation had an appreciation for music, since his humble beginnings as a young child in St. Mary, Jamaica to growing up amidst the turmoil in the streets of Augustown, Jamaica. Initially listening to music served as an escape from life’s daily struggles, however the music found the entertainer in him, in a surprising way; while singing to a friend, a stranger overheard his melodic voice and invited him, to a recording session. Tilibop, unhappy with his first time out, was determined to not only improve, to excel. He went home and wrote a song, and then practiced, and continued to practice until something stirred within him and he hasn’t looked back since that fateful day twelve years ago. It’s that same introspective quality and work ethic that make Tilibop the consummate vocalist he is today.

Tilibop loves and appreciates all genres of music, from Old School Soul -The Beatles - Nina Simone, Pavarotti to name a few. His roots are in Reggae and in his Reggae Music Alternative Movement is music with substance that can provide great dancing grooves, while providing thought provoking lyrics. Its music you can feel! His first single Ghetto Town has an easy dance beat, and inspiring message of struggle and determination. The Reggae Alternative Movement was born out of a willingness to experiment, meshing diverse genres of music with reggae. You can feel that unique sensibility listening to his song Champion.

Tilibop needs no introduction. Listen to his music, it so eloquently speaks for itself. This soulful spirit has a distinct voice.

Tilibop: Teaching is Love Intelligence Breathes Opportunity Prosperity

Tilibop desires to provide opportunities for young artist, allowing them freedom of expression. One of his intentions; is to expand the listening base for Reggae Music

Tilibop is passionate, focused, and gifted, with his exceptional talent it’s only a matter of time, before he captures the attention of music lovers everywhere.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Slash-A-Mill

As the the hot summer days slowly give way to cool Fall nights. The music industry, both underground and mainstream begin to finish and release their final projects of the year. In a time where record sales are at historic lows and the wave of new faces in Hip-Hop shows no signs of settling, Slash-A-Mill begins his journey. He's blunt, comedic and hungry to succeed in all aspects of his music career. He's no stranger to challenges and at times, he welcomes them. Slash-A-Mill or Slash as most of his friends and sometimes family call him, has been dealing with cerebral palsy since birth. But, with his infectious personality you would have no idea. Even in his music his disability creeps in as he has difficulty saying words clearly during the recording process but again he fights and is able to create the music that he's known for. This Fall be prepared to be taken on his first musical journey which he has given an intriguing title, "Broken Headphones".

Broken Headphones is a 7 song EP that brings you into the World this out-spoken, New Jersey based Hip-Hop artist. The EP tells a story of pain, regret, fear and hope all with the production of Canadian producer DJ Cones and Her Beatz. On the EP, Slash-A-Mill speaks very candidly about the life he lives, the life he wants to live as well as balancing his career while trying to find true love in process. Each song is very musical and and aimed at conveying a raw emotion, the lyrics are just a guide. Slash-A-Mill is letting his guard down in a way that few artists do. He aims to give his listeners a look into his heart and soul. Why? During the construction of the project he said, "Music is about reaching people and saying something meaningful and this EP exhibits that philosophy".

The first single off "Broken Headphones" is called, "Close To Giving Up". It was produced by Canadian producer DJ Cones, The UserShare link to download the song is below and the the cover for the single is attached as well.

UserShare Link:

AIM: LyricalLiberator
BB pin: 30D4C5C0
Twitter: @Slashamill

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- JB

California native JB brings us his first single “Make Believe” off of his upcoming ep entitled “F*&^ You Im Awesome!”. His experiences and lifestyle drive his "in the middle" Kind of Flow and material. Expect more tracks from JB in the near future. This track is definitely one to listen to with over 2600 Downloads in a little over a week.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Da Cloak

Gregory James Jr. age 25 has been listening, studying, and creating music since the beginning. He was born on the west side of Chicago July 17, 1985 at St. Mary's of Nazareth hospital in Chicago Illinois. Greg was raised on the southside of chicago. Raised in a home of music lovers was the reason he would soon come to love music himself. The main genre of this particular area of his life was submerged in soul music. Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Marvin Gaye to name a few, but that wasn't all....

Friday, July 16, 2010

Monday, July 5, 2010

DJ Tati's Throwback Durrty Mix



click cover to download!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Recap From my Party on June 19

Definitely have to give a big thank you to DJ Benz and DJ Punkie for coming out and spinning with me. And thanks to everyone who came and supported the cause. We are gunna be back at it next year BIGGER AND BETTER!

Me warmin up lol

Yours Truly, DJ Tati

Video and Photo Credit: DJ Benz

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Philly Swain

Darin “Philly” Swain was born in the Southwest section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on
September 2nd, 1982. Swain remembers seeing rappers in the late 80’s looking and dressing like hustlers. Even though he knew being a hustler was off limits, rap wasn’t. At the age of six a promoter recognized swain as being very musically inclined & loved his swagger so much that he promoted his first show, and he’s been performing ever since. As a teenager, he was known for winning and being undefeated during his high school competitions, at the local YMCAs
where schools from all across the city attended. In the year 2000 Swain performed in shows with Da Brat, Master P, Trina, and Missy Elliot. In April of 2002, Swain signed with a local label named, Take Down Records, owned by the now infamous Alton "Ace Capone" Coles. Swain performed at the Spectrum along with Jay-Z, Lil-Mo, State Property, Dip set, Clipse, and Fabulous. Unfortunately due to legal issues, Swains album was postponed until his release. On Swains return from a three year term of incarceration he discovered that the label he was on had been federally indicted. This did not falter Swain who appeared on 106 and Park months after his return, where he became the first winner from Philadelphia. He also went 31-0 at The Fight Klub. Swain began a partnership with his producer and friend Sap the Beat Man (who was recently featured on as one of the hottest young producers). Swain also starred in a film project titled "Hustle Diaries"
displaying life in Take Down Records. Hustle Diaries was directed by Barry Michael Cooper, writer of New Jack City, Sugar Hill, and Above the Rim. Swain was featured in two songs (Me & Salute) on Jamie Knights Album The Secrets Out Released in the summer of 2007. In March of 2008 Swain was nominated Philly’s Hip-Hop Artist of the Year! November 2008 when his Grind Time battle premiered on it was viewed over 400,000 times in seven days, surpassing the views of BeyoncĂ©’s Single Ladies Video. In 2009 Swain also wrote and performed the opening song for the play “Why Do Black Men Cheat,” he also starred in a TV sitcom "The Swagger Family.” Swain is currently working on a new album Real vs. Fake release date to be announced.

Who The Hell Is Philly Swain Mixtape:

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Trey Boogie

(In the words of Trey Boogie)

Trey boogie I'm an young unsigned artist that been writing raps all my life I'm 17 years old now and I started recording at the age 16 growing up in Philly I've been listening to different types of music and lots of underground music from Philly but in Philly most underground artists rap about drugs, killing, and guns but I've managed to stand out with my own unique style and flow and my career is just moving to the top im on many blogs,mixtapes,songs,and radio stations and I grind my music every second of my life and I going to blow before I turn 21.

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Miss KeKe

Lyrics. Style. Image. Keke, also known as Kelechi Onwumere, is a 22 yr old
female emcee/singer/songwriter that encompasses all of these characteristics
and more. With both of her parents being of Nigerian descent, Keke takes pride
in her culture and continuously embraces it. Although she has never been to
Nigeria, her diverse array of musical inheritance is beyond measure. Keke began
her interest in music at the early age of five when she developed an interest in
singing. Five years later she expanded into the field of Hip Hop. At the young age
of 10, the fifth grader started writing rhymes to test her lyrical abilities. “I was
really young so I just used to write down words that rhymed, and see which ones
made sense” says the talented rapper. “From ages 10 -12, I was trying to perfect
my writing skills. At ages 12-14, I wanted to master the art of freestyling, and
from the ages of 14-16, I learned how to battle” says Keke. Keke released her first
album entitled “The Story of a Freestyle Pro” in 2003 at the age of 15. The
album carried the hit song “Freestyle Pro” which received radio spins on 89.3
KNON and 97.9 The Beat. When asked of the album, Keke replied, “I did not
want to put out an album until I knew for sure that I was confident with my rap
style and battling techniques”. Keke’s hit song “Freestyle Pro” won her talent
shows, collaborations, street credibility, and the opportunity to make the
introductory song to 97.9 The Beats “Da Show” hosted by radio personalities
Headkrack, Supa K, and Keynote . In 2002, Keke competed in the Mesquite Battle
of the Bands talent show, to which she was the only hip-hop act competing
against nine alternative rock bands. She took home the first place cash prize
consecutively for four years until they retired her from the competition. Through
her participation in the Battle of the Bands, she received features in the Mesquite
News and the Dallas Morning News. Keke had also been featured for eight weeks
on 89.3’s Jam it or Damn it segment as well as 97.9 The Beat’s freestyle battle
contest to which she was the 13-week reigning champ. Both stations eventually
retired her after numerous wins. In 2005, Keke released her mixtape “2 Hot 4
Cd” which helped her build a larger fan base in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
Through this mixtape, she gained visibility in different states, and even received a
feature in southern hip-hop magazine, Block2Block. Keke was also a
performer at the 2005 Texas Summer Music Conference, one of the largest urban
film, fashion and music conferences in the United States. Keke was recognized as
Most Talented at her 2005 Mesquite High School prom, and received this award
again at her college in 2006 through the University of Texas at Arlington’s Alpha
Phi Alpha Collection of Brothers ceremony. In 2007, Keke released a mixtape
titled “The Prototype” which received great feedback from consumers. The
release included an extravagant release party that led to several newly created
avenues. Having graduated in May 2009 with a Bachelors degree in Political
Science and a minor in communications, Keke is back to execute her goals in the
entertainment industry. With a recent appearance made on the Hot 16 segment
of B.E.T.’s “The Deal,” Keke has shown the world that she is back to make her
mark. With the new release of her highly anticipated mixtape titled “The
Beginning of the Future,” Keke has gained a new fan base as well as a new
love for music. She is currently promoting her new single titled “1st Class
Chick” which is now released to the public. With this project, she hopes to gain
the attention of many supporters with her primary goal being in creating an
impact. “I call myself a New Breed of Chick because I know there is no one else
in this world that is like me, and I am here for the greater good. I have been
making music for approximately 13 years now so I am fully equipped. I am here
to raise the bar and set the standards. I am a respectable, classy woman and those
are who I speak for so now that voice must be heard.” With the oversaturation of
the entertainment industry, Keke hopes to set herself apart from other artists in
general and create a new path strictly for her. What’s next for Keke? The
possibilities are limitless. One thing she believes is, with God on her side, she has
nowhere to go but up.


-Subscribe to Keke's youtube @: YOUTUBE.COM/KEKETX
-"New Breed of Chick" coming soon
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Kill-Will SWAGgATON

Willie Lan(Kill-Will SWAGgATON) Was Born Aug.22.1988 And Raised in Brooklyn, New York. He attended Boys And Girls High School,He Began His Musical Career In the Summer of 2005, rapping Along Side B.S.B Gang(Bed-Stuy Bangers Gang) Which Consist Of Many Rappers Such As Mula,Ray Boogs,Clip,B.cess,Splash,Success,E and Kill-Will SWAGgATON HimSelf.Wit The Influences of Rappers Such As Cam'ron, Stack Bundles,50cents,Fabolous,Cassidy And Lil Wayne Early In His Career Kill-Will signed with a indie label,known as Ride.Ent, in Feb 06 where he released his first solo act mix-tape, The Next Big Thang Vol.1 In 2007. ,after the deal ended dec 2007 he then went on to work on his album(SWAGga Never Down!) and demo's for multiple record labels,Now being unsigned and droping hit after hit in summer 2008 he earned his spot as the number 2 unsigned artist on with over 5,961,411 plays.He Went On To Drop Yet Another Hit Mix-Tape Summer Of 2009, 2000SWAGgATON That ,Ft.hit singles Such As Holy Macoroni Ft Rugar Rico And D.Cross ,She Bout 2 Get(Ate) Ft,Rugar Rico Yerr Whop ft Heedi Blacc,Never Been A Pussy, This how G'z ride and many More!.He Is Now Set 2 Drop Yet Another Hit Mix-Tape 2000SWAGgATON.Vol.2 ALL BLACK EVERYTHING Summer 2010 Ft. Hit Songs We Gettin Money,Stay Fresh,Baby Its You And Many More.... So be on the look out for the young 21 year old hard hittin' Brownsville Brooklyn Ny.Hip-Hop M.c.With his hard hooks, great delivery crazy voice,good looks and swagga outta this planet this kid stands alone and by far the future of Hip-Hop So remember the name Kill-Will SWAGgATON..............YEAH!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Nova AKA Boom

A true artist standing at 6 feet tall it is obvious that Nova is a force to be reckoned with. Besides the street credit he has received all over NYC in the past 10 years he is also known for being a beast on the mic. Rashaun Lovitt better known by his stage name Nova aka Boom, was born August 29 1987 in Jamaica Hospital at 8:53 p.m. He grew up in Jamaica Queens, New York with his mother, grandparents and younger sister. During his early childhood Nova spent a great deal of time with his grandmother who mostly listened to Motown greats such The Temptations, The Manhattans, Earth Wind and Fire, and Rick James, but it wasn’t until the age of 8 that he began listening to hip hop. At the age of 12 in the 7th grade he began rapping under influence of his cousin Christopher “Blitz” Middleton. They formed a group called The Fully Loaded Assassins that consisted of Blitz, Nova and two other members. The group did not last long because its members were all very young, inexperienced and none of them took the work seriously. Nova still continued rapping but only with neighborhood friends. He continued his education at St John’s High school. While there he met a local rapper named Queenz and before long they became good friends. During Nova’s first two years of high school he did not show any of his rapping abilities. Although most of the local rappers rapped on train and bus rides home, that did not interest Nova. While he did support is friend Queenz when he battled on the train, Nova thrived for more. After two years in St John’s Nova transferred to Newtown High School. In Newtown he ran into Blitz again. Blitz had been working on a solo album after have some problems with his prior group and asked Nova to get on a track with him. Rashaun recorded his first verse on Blitz’s “Taken’em Down” and soon after recorded another verse on Blitz’s “How can I Make You See” which became a hit at their high school. After hearing these two tracks many people wanted to hear more from Nova. Knowing of the building anticipation, Nova worked on getting his first mixtape released.

By the age of 17 Nova hit the recording studio. Right from the start he used an array of styles, lyrics and flows and collaborated on songs with various artists such as Quenna Ariel and of course Blitz and thanks to great beat makers like Jewlz there was no denying Novas talent. While working on the mixtape he took some time out to build Team Blaze Entertainment with the help of Blitz. This is when Nova started realizing many things although he never spoke particularly about it; he says "it felt great; I love the feeling of music". Nova released his first mixtape under Team Blaze Entertainment entitled "Any Questions" on June 19, 2007. The majority of "Any Questions" was produced by Jewlz who is a great producer according to Nova.

After graduating high school Nova began exposing his music throughout the boroughs. He performed at places including; Crimson Lounge, Bronx, NY in September 2005, Don Hills, New York, NY in June 2006, Summer Fest, Brooklyn NY August in 2007, Who Got Next, New York , NY in October 2007 and Public Assembly in March 2009. As well as doing performances Nova was also interviewed by Drahma Magazine in March 2009 however the issue has not yet been published. Nova is now working on the second mixtape entitled "Just Practicing" which is scheduled to release May 2010. Nova also plans to release the sequel to Any Questions in the future. In September 2009 formed a trio with Frank "Emek" Pijuan and Andrew "Emanon" Dominguez. The trio is better known as the "Sons of New York". Sons of New York mixtape entitled My Stress Therapy is scheduled to release summer of 2010.

2007-Any Questions ( )
2010- Just Practicing (may)
2010- My Stress Therapy/w Sons Of Of New York (summer 2010)
2010-6-3-4 Double Play/w Queenz (summer 2010)
2010-Any Questions Part 2 (winter 2010)

Foolish Lil Girl song link -

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Mav

The struggle, the fight, the pain, the endless day's, and sleepless nights shaped him to be what he is today. He carved a path in his destiny so he could become the right hand of god lyrically. A lyrically blessed individual that refused to be restrained to poverty by societies shackles, Cypher unleashed his wrath upon the world at a very young age. The artist Cypher who later became MAV to honor his fallen confidant (VER R.I.P) ripped through the lyrical scene and took the game hostage, the ransom is high and the bar was set. MAV was born in October in the windy city of Chicago to a Laredo born mother and a father born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. MAV was raised in a single mother household, his parents divorced at age 5. His childhood wasn’t typical to that of other children. It was full of battles and struggles both inter and intrapersonal. As a young child MAV became acquainted with the “struggle” concept. During his childhood he witnessed things most people won’t ever witness in their lifetime. Seeing his first murder at the tender age of four. All the adversity he faced through the years did not discourage him from reaching his dream. MAV came to many crossroads; chose the wrong path at times but he made it all work to his advantage and never walked the same road twice. Theft, drugs, violence, and music; MAV was a young competitor in many areas of life. As a young contender in the Chicago area MAV was making big moves in the local scene. He has a record on and off the streets. MAV was a young hustler in the making, a shot caller on the rise. MAV's rise to fame wasn't an easy road to success, he slipped, he fell, he struggled to get where he's at today. With the spirit of a fighter and the wisdom of a hustler MAV was able to become an entrepreneur not only paving the way for him self but also kicking down the door for other local artists to strive. Thus the beginning of an Urban Media Buzz was created. His credibility is flawless, his rapport unsurpassable. He performed with artists expanding from East Coast to the West Coast and everything in between. MAV performed with artists such as Chingo Bling, Pitbull, Ludacris, Malverde, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lil Rob, Baby Bash, Immortal Technique, and many more. MAV joined Sol Camp in 2005; he has put out 1 album, 5 mix tapes, and 3 mix tapes since becoming a member of SOL camp. MAV has indeed worked hard to earn the title of Freestyle Battle champ 9 times consecutively and has been Arizona’s 1 Latin rapper by Xpoz Magazine time and time again since 2006. The very talented MAV has been in Dub Magazine, Arizona State Press, Press Boxx just to name a few. This unprecedented lyricist known as MAV has brought his own twist to the game. His undeniable talent is felt and heard on every bar he spits. Mix tape to album and everything in-between. His talent does not only include rapping, he is a writer, and an entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of dedicated to opening the door for the local starving artists. MAV should be considered a threat. He is passionate, he has dedication, he is humble, and he has the recipe for success. With various projects in the works he has no time for play. The time he spent in the struggle made him realize it’s all about the hustle. MAV has a variety of plans for the near and distant future. Such as the release of his latest Mix Tape “Pages from My RhymeBook” and the release of his album “Independent Hustlin” early 2010. These are very highly anticipated by his vast range of followers. MAV is bringing life to the game! Hip Hop was never dead it was just preparing itself for this MC. It is with out a question that MAV is on the rise! Talent of his caliber is indisputable Lady’s and gentlemen, boy’s and girl’s are you ready world? I present to you MAV, the number One contender: the titleholder chosen by the people for the people. All other “rappers” take out a pen and paper take notes. MAV is the future of music. by erika sanchez

Official Video for "Til The Sunrise" Mav featuring Juice

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Kidd Russell

Life, Music and Football

We make Alternative music influenced by hip hop similar to Gnarls Barkley, Rehab or Shwayze!

To put it simple Kidd Russell is a college football player turned indie music legend! Kidd Russell turned his college radio production class into music business 101! After 5 years in the business he teamed up with producer Matt Jenkins in 2008 and started Junkyard Productions. Together they have had their songs featured on MTV JAMS, MTV2, Foxsports, CW, HDnet MMA Fights and created the Theme song to Ring of Honor Wrestling which debuts Monday nights on HDnet! For more Bio on Kidd Russell go to


1) THE DEMO (2004)
2) UNTIED (2006)
3) THE DASH EP (2009)
4) Rudy Rutiger Mixtape (being release March 2010)
5) BACKYARD HEROES (being release March 2010)
Songs TV/Liscensing:

Rush Rock Remix : (official) Theme song of ROH Wrestling on
Bruce : Willis HDnet
RUSH : ON MTV's "America's Best Dance Crew"
Dear Shooter: CW/ ABC family Network "The Writes Stuff"
Boom Boom : ROH Wrestling on HDnet
Thrust is a Must: ROH Wrestling on HDnet


The Roots (twice)
The FLOBOTS (twice)
Uncle Cracker
Tech 9
Mr. Lif (twice)
G Love and the special sauce
Mickey Avalon
Nappy Roots
Animate Objects
Glacier Hiking


MidPoint Music Festival (Cinci, oh)
Gateway Music Festival
Hoodilidoo Music & Arts Festival
University of Madison (Mad Ave)
Northern Illinois University (Otto's)
Bradley University (Sully's)
Marquette University(The Rave Mainstage)
University of Colorado Boulder (K's bar)
Columbia College (Chicago)
University of Illinois Chicago
University of Illinois (Foxsporst football video)
Xavier University (Chicago)


Lincoln Hall (chicago, Il)
Highland Ballroom (ny, ny)
THE ROXY (Hollywood, CA)
South Gate House (newport, ky)
Republic (chicago, Il)
Subterranean (CHICAGO, IL)
Abbey Pub (Chicago, IL)
Mad Ave (Madison, Wi)
Club Pi (Greenbay, Wi)
Betty's Blue Star (Chicago, IL)
madison theatre (ky)
K's in Boulder (Boulder, Co)
Peabody’s (Cleveland, Oh)
Mad Hatter (covington, ky)
SULLY's (Peoria, Il)
U.S. Beer Co. (Chicago, Il)
The Ashland (Chicago, Il)
Stage 83 (Lemont, Il)
The Rave Mainstage (Milwaukee, Wisc)
Top Cats (Cinci, Oh)
Cloud 9 (Indianapolis, Indiana)
Vuedville Mews (Des Moines, Iowa)

TO NAME A FEW.........






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