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Mixtape: Room For 1 More : John Lass @JohnLass

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Random Times #10

Playing a lot of 2000s Throwbacks from Lil Kim to Fat Joe..then coming up to the time!! 

(SEPT. 16, 2011)

Artist Spotlight: Shaun ChrisJohn @Shaunchrismusic

Every day in the world of music there is always new talent breaking each and every year. The grind to get exposed to the world as a new artist is straight focus and dedication. Eventually staying on the path of hard work eventually will soon get you your break, especially if the music is great. Now the world is ready to introduce R&B/Pop Singer out of Philadelphia, Shaun Chrisjohn. Shaun Chrisjohn knows music is in his heart and credits such artist as Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Boyz 2 Men and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

Shaun gives insight “I grew up singing in the church choir from elementary to high school, I always knew music was something that was meant for me to do, and now I’m ready to show my music to the world.”

Shaun faced many hardships as a child losing his father at only 11 years old, living in a unstable home life but music was something that always keep him sane. “The passion of me making music keeps me going daily and truthfully speaking it’s in my blood and something that can’t leave my soul.”

Shaun Chrisjohn right now is making major moves as well, with the new single “Heart on The Floor” ft. Trel Mack, that’s building over radio and even featured right now on many top music publications online. “Heart on the Floor” expresses the frustrations of being left in the dark, when you thought things were one way and they just go the complete opposite. Trel Mack was a perfect fit for the record as well, with his buzz building and great records I knew he be perfect, he’s a star in the making.”

Shaun Chrisjohn right now has an affiliation with Street Knowledge Entertainment, ran by Trel Mack and industry insider, Quinton Hatfield, Q The Question. As of right now he is working on a new mixtape coming soon and a new EP. Also to mention a video for “Heart on The Floor” will be soon all over online.

Final words from Shaun as he explains “Shout out to everyone that supported “Heart on The Floor” all the DJ’s and magazines that showed love. More hits are on the way and the Shaun Chrisjohn movement will be something special.

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Meet Crazie K!d AnonYmouS

Name: Crazie K!d AnonYmouS Hometown: Philly, Pa. About self: MC King/Poet, DJ Assistant for @DJNOPHRILLZ, Culture is 5%, Warlord of Da WarriorZ Cartel, Self Made Bosses(SMB) member, Representing for the slept on. FB: Twitter:, Music: SUNday vol I: Starving Mentality FREE downloadable on, & #WARREE!



In the words of MC A-MAR:

My name is MC A-MAR. I am a 20 year old Mexican rapper from the suburbs of Detroit, Downriver specifically. Heavily influenced by Eminem and The Game along with a little bit of Kanye and Wiz.  I am finally starting to get a grip on my style and flow and am ready to start making the right moves.  A lot of my substance in my music stems from life experiences and metaphors. I am not too big on swag as I feel it has been watered down now. I am all about staying true, doing you, smoking crossjoints, and repping for the whole state of Michigan!