Thursday, September 30, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Slash-A-Mill

As the the hot summer days slowly give way to cool Fall nights. The music industry, both underground and mainstream begin to finish and release their final projects of the year. In a time where record sales are at historic lows and the wave of new faces in Hip-Hop shows no signs of settling, Slash-A-Mill begins his journey. He's blunt, comedic and hungry to succeed in all aspects of his music career. He's no stranger to challenges and at times, he welcomes them. Slash-A-Mill or Slash as most of his friends and sometimes family call him, has been dealing with cerebral palsy since birth. But, with his infectious personality you would have no idea. Even in his music his disability creeps in as he has difficulty saying words clearly during the recording process but again he fights and is able to create the music that he's known for. This Fall be prepared to be taken on his first musical journey which he has given an intriguing title, "Broken Headphones".

Broken Headphones is a 7 song EP that brings you into the World this out-spoken, New Jersey based Hip-Hop artist. The EP tells a story of pain, regret, fear and hope all with the production of Canadian producer DJ Cones and Her Beatz. On the EP, Slash-A-Mill speaks very candidly about the life he lives, the life he wants to live as well as balancing his career while trying to find true love in process. Each song is very musical and and aimed at conveying a raw emotion, the lyrics are just a guide. Slash-A-Mill is letting his guard down in a way that few artists do. He aims to give his listeners a look into his heart and soul. Why? During the construction of the project he said, "Music is about reaching people and saying something meaningful and this EP exhibits that philosophy".

The first single off "Broken Headphones" is called, "Close To Giving Up". It was produced by Canadian producer DJ Cones, The UserShare link to download the song is below and the the cover for the single is attached as well.

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