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Video: @DaRealJoBlakk - Pocket Fulla Ones

"Pocket Fulla Ones" Off The Latest Mixtape From Jo.Blakk Book Of Ether 4 Hosted by DJ Tati http://piff.me/9e1b878 via DatPiff Download! Twitter- DaRealJoBlakk Directed/Filmed By: DreamsSociety Twitter- DreamsSociety_

Artist Spotlight: Jo Blakk

Born in Giessen, Germany December 03 1987 to two military parents, Andrew Goins' father split before he was born leaving him and broken promises of marriage to his mother behind. At the age of 2yrs old, his mother moved him along with his brother & sister to Orlando, Florida where his Grandfather, Wilfred Milligan, become the father and mentor to the man known as Jo.Blakk. 
After spending 5yrs in Orlando his mother moved his family to Sandersville, and then Hinesville, Georgia before inevitably moving back to Orlando with her parents, the stress of raising three kids alone forcing her to occasional stays in the local asylum.
At the age of 10yrs old Jo.Blakk took to the streets, exercising his aggression of being fatherless by fighting and breaking into houses. It was when he got into a fight at RidgeWood Elementary School that his mother realized she needed to make a change. In 1998 she got the opportunity for a better job in a town called Gainesville, home of the UF Gators and next door neighbor to the forgotten slave town of RoseWood. This is where Jo.Blakk would grown into a man.
His scenery changed, but the restless aggression within him would remain. At age 16 Jo.Blakk would experience jail for the first time, after punching his teacher in the face and breaking her nose, consequences of his choice to fight on his brothers behalf.
Then came high school, a seemingly pointless junction in his life whose only benefits seemed to be the girls whose bodies had begun to become women and the thrills of playing basketball and football. When academic system at Buchholz High School failed to engage mind, Jo.Blakk lost interest in class and along with it his eligibilty to be an athlete. By Sophomore year he was "skippin" a class a week. By Junior year, a couple days of classes. By Senior year, weeks at a time. 
With no hope of graduting he said "fuck it" and took a first class flight to Oakland, CA along with his childhood friend Joshua Bey, effectively dropping out of school.
The 5 months Jo.Blakk spent with the "Your Black Muslim Bakery" muslims and disciples of Yusuf Bey altered his view of the world. He learned and witnessed things he'd never heard of before. He gained a respect for the Islamic faith he carries til this day. However, it didn't take him long to come face to face with the gritty reality of his hosts. 
Loan fraud, arson, drug dealing, and murder were of the few things Jo.Blakk came to know during his stay. It was when a kidnapping gone wrong that he knew he had to split. He had been working for the "Your Black Muslim Bakery" for weeks without pay and couldn't afford a ticket anywhere out of Oakland. Luckily, an old friend from Maryland fronted him the money for his ticket and he caught the first thing smoking to Silver Spring ( several months later the Feds raided "Your Black Muslim Bakery" on charges of murder and kidnapping ).
Maryland quickly became his 2nd home after he found there was an abundance of opportunity in the place. After a brief stint of joblessnesss he began making money over fist, eventually being able to afford his own apartment and anything else he wanted. What happened next he could have never predicted. After losing two friends to the penitentary, one for kidnapping and the other for statutory rape, Jo.Blakk received a phone call telling him his longtime accomplice Douglas Simpson had been shot in the head and killed. He found himself slipping into a depression, his paranoia over taking him. After nearly being abducted himself, and witnessing another murder on his doorstep, Jo.Blakk felt his time in Maryland was at an end. His Uncle Tony, on his dad's side made promises of job opportunities and low cost of living which enticed him to make a move to Texas.
It wasn't what he thought it would be.
It took almost 8 months to find a job, and his desperation Jo.Blakk found himself playing women for money and stealing from his Uncle's kids. It didn't take long before he was thrown out back to the streets. His Uncle Monty, a man of God, took him in with his family. 
His luck changed. He found a job as a car salesman, making $300 minimum a week. He was beginning to focus more his music, finally deciding to finish his 2nd solo mixtape, Book Of Ether. He had began writing it back in Oakland then stopped. Began again in Maryland, and stopped. In Texas he found a woman that encouraged him in making his music, and he recorded an initial 7 tracks. 
Things were finally on his side.
his Uncle's wife had a cousin from South America who moved in. To say the least, she was thicker than a chocolate bar and fine like Halle Barry. It took a week for Jo.Blakk to fuck her. After his Uncle realized what had happened he kicked him out, forcing Jo.Blakk to move back to Florida.  He lost those initial 7 tracks for Book Of Ether, but began to write new songs and this, is where he came to find his passion. Nothing satisfied or gave him a rush like recording in the booth. After a couple of studio sessions, he knew he had found his life's purpose.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

DJ TATI presents #DigWorthy3

DJ Tati Returns with her third mixtape of the #DigWorthy series. #DigWorthy is a Bi-Yearly Mixtape created by DJ Tati, which includes music from unsigned and indie artists. #DigWorthy 1, which was released summer 2011, gained Over 12,000 Hits on Coast2CoastMixtapes.com, and #DigWorthy 2 was released Fall 2011 and gained over 15,000 hits. #DigWorthy 2 is considered to be one of the highest rated unsigned mixtapes of 2011 and Coast2Coast Magazine rated it 4.5/5 Stars.

Random Times #11

playing that good ole dancehall from early 2000s Etc Then SOCAAAAAA then CLASSIC HOUSE!! (i went in lol)


DISCLAIMER: I did not realize how low my mic volume was..dont kill me lol

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Artist Spotlight: Trel Mack

Trel Mack the up and coming artist from Philadelphia will be releasing his new single "Dreams of a Winner" ft. Shaun Chrisjohn. May 21st. It will be for sale on Itunes as well. The links are below to hear the single and preview the single as well and you can post on your respected publication. Trel will be releasing the record under his label SKE Records, www.skerecords.com and you can hear on his site www.trelmack.com. The pics are attached and the press releases as well. Also the record is on Yoraps.com, hiphopsince1987.com, the-medizine.com in Spain.

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Meet Ray Wellz

Raymond Wellz
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Secondary Genre: Urban/R&B


Raymond Wellz is a   dedicated hip hop artist who is passionate about his music and wants to share his talents with the world. Wellz is a versatile artist and it reflects in his music. He writes all his own material and has a unique flow, witty wordplay and catchy hooks. His debut mixtape "From Da Bottom" will be released in 2012 through Gough Club Entertainment.

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Video: CyFour Episode 3


Mixtape: Room For 1 More : John Lass @JohnLass

Review Coming Soon

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Random Times #10

Playing a lot of 2000s Throwbacks from Lil Kim to Fat Joe..then coming up to the time!! 

(SEPT. 16, 2011)

Artist Spotlight: Shaun ChrisJohn @Shaunchrismusic

Every day in the world of music there is always new talent breaking each and every year. The grind to get exposed to the world as a new artist is straight focus and dedication. Eventually staying on the path of hard work eventually will soon get you your break, especially if the music is great. Now the world is ready to introduce R&B/Pop Singer out of Philadelphia, Shaun Chrisjohn. Shaun Chrisjohn knows music is in his heart and credits such artist as Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Boyz 2 Men and Stevie Wonder just to name a few.

Shaun gives insight “I grew up singing in the church choir from elementary to high school, I always knew music was something that was meant for me to do, and now I’m ready to show my music to the world.”

Shaun faced many hardships as a child losing his father at only 11 years old, living in a unstable home life but music was something that always keep him sane. “The passion of me making music keeps me going daily and truthfully speaking it’s in my blood and something that can’t leave my soul.”

Shaun Chrisjohn right now is making major moves as well, with the new single “Heart on The Floor” ft. Trel Mack, that’s building over radio and even featured right now on many top music publications online. “Heart on the Floor” expresses the frustrations of being left in the dark, when you thought things were one way and they just go the complete opposite. Trel Mack was a perfect fit for the record as well, with his buzz building and great records I knew he be perfect, he’s a star in the making.”

Shaun Chrisjohn right now has an affiliation with Street Knowledge Entertainment, ran by Trel Mack and industry insider, Quinton Hatfield, Q The Question. As of right now he is working on a new mixtape coming soon and a new EP. Also to mention a video for “Heart on The Floor” will be soon all over online.

Final words from Shaun as he explains “Shout out to everyone that supported “Heart on The Floor” all the DJ’s and magazines that showed love. More hits are on the way and the Shaun Chrisjohn movement will be something special.

Twitter @Shaunchrismusic

Meet Crazie K!d AnonYmouS

Name: Crazie K!d AnonYmouS Hometown: Philly, Pa. About self: MC King/Poet, DJ Assistant for @DJNOPHRILLZ, Culture is 5%, Warlord of Da WarriorZ Cartel, Self Made Bosses(SMB) member, Representing for the slept on. FB: Facebook.com/CrazieKiDAnonYmous Facebook.com/PoorRT Twitter: Twitter.com/C_K_Anon, Reverbnation.com/craziekdanonymous Music: SUNday vol I: Starving Mentality FREE downloadable on Datpiff.com, Limelinx.com & Tweetmymixtape.com #WARREE!



In the words of MC A-MAR:

My name is MC A-MAR. I am a 20 year old Mexican rapper from the suburbs of Detroit, Downriver specifically. Heavily influenced by Eminem and The Game along with a little bit of Kanye and Wiz.  I am finally starting to get a grip on my style and flow and am ready to start making the right moves.  A lot of my substance in my music stems from life experiences and metaphors. I am not too big on swag as I feel it has been watered down now. I am all about staying true, doing you, smoking crossjoints, and repping for the whole state of Michigan!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mixtape: True School For The Moon Children - @soulchels

New Orleans, La, February 2, 2012 - Not many 20-year-olds can say that their musical career has been personally endorsed by Erykah Badu and Amanda Seales (formely Diva); but when you've been rapping since the 3rd grade and embedded in the cultural mecca of New Orleans, Louisiana, like, Chels, that might be a little more feasible to achieve. Inspired by the popular young performers in her own generation and groomed in a city home to the citizens she calls "the most unique people anywhere," Chels has developed a style that blends the fearlessness of youth with the wisdom of those who've come many years before her.

Here is the Chels' newest release True School For The Moon Children (TSFTMC). TSFTMC was released on Feb 01, 2012 on http://soulchels.com

Please post this FREE Stream/Download - http://chels.bandcamp.com/album/true-school-for-the-moon-children or 

Please post and download to see why Erykah Badu said, "Chels is one of the dopest MCs in New Orleans. She is a beast." and why Amanda Seales (Diva) listed Chels as one of her favorite new emcees along with Dom Kennedy, Kendrick Lamar, and J.Cole.

With a dedication to music rooted deeply in a desire in to reach the minds and souls of those in her community, it is no wonder Chels' work is heavily acclaimed by those who hear it. Her career goals include working with the great musicians whose work has inspired her own and "helping people to discover who they are instead of letting others opinion become their reality." If any young artist is poised to do that, it's Chels.

The lead single is:
The Lesson (w/ Ace Boogie)
True School For The Moon Children (Self-release)

1. Intro (Shyne's Light) 00:50
2. Moonlight Awakening [Prod. by Plue Starfox] 02:53
3. Pyrotechnics (feat. Timmy Blazer) [Prod. by Juan of I-An-I] 03:35
4. The Lesson (feat. Ace Boogie) [Prod. by Swiff D] 03:27
5. Catch My Breath [Prod. by Nesby Phips] 03:52
6. What’s Love (feat. Shawn tha Kidd, Skywalker, Timmy Blazer) [Prod. by Niyo of Flight School] 04:27
7. Life Go Down [Prod. by DJ Ace Boogie & Chels] 03:57
8. History (feat. Luke St. John) [Prod. by TaeBeast] 03:38
9. Out My Window (feat. Paige Allyn) [Prod. by TaeBeast] 03:14
10. Interlude (Po's Payne, Mine Too) 00:19
11. Katrina Muzik [Prod. by Lex Luger] 05:19
12. JFK (Part One) [Prod. by Mars Finesse] 02:06
13. A Soul Chels Joint [Prod. by Ceaux Young of Flight School] 04:36
14. Level Up [Prod. by Gmo Beats] 04:20
15. The Hustle [Prod. The Olympicks] 04:14
16. Outro (Radio Raheemism) [Prod. by Questlove] 02:08


 Twitter - @SoulChels

Contact: El Williams 504-606-5621 elwilliams79@gmail.com

EP: Scraps: Meet & Part Company - Maleiva Kem

In the Words of Maleiva Kem:

During my recent stay in USA, I recorded my first EP « Scraps : Meet And Part Company », a 4-tracks album; recorded at the Freedom Hall (Florida) and produced by Spudd Brown and Mahewa Wazuri in a chill atmosphere. 

A relationship, it’s an interlacing of moments, situations, laughter, fights, sensations… Scraps : Meet And Part Compan, it is the pieces of a story that could have been , that once was, that will be, or never will. 

I enjoyed making this project; I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it! 

released 05 September 2011 
Written By Maleiva Kem 
Produced By Spudd Brown & Mahewa Wazuri 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Freedom Hall 
Artwork by Jean-Fran├žois Amah

Single: The Purist and Roc Marciano 'Change'

Video: Perrion - Fire Ant

Download Perrion's Mixtape: Circuit Breaker

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Mixtape Review: Alphamale - Bow To The Blessed

First off! Glad to know there are more  artists coming out of Long Island and REPPIN!!!
This mixtape has a lot of emotion and its inevitable for you not to feel Alphamale's pain.
Starts off with a great attack and ends with a strong finishing. In my opinion,  Alphamale has the rawness and impact of DMX, great delivery and a voice thats hard to ignore.
Definitely #BUMPWORTHY!

Random Times with DJ Tati #9

(picture taken with my iPhone. 5PointzLIC11101)
80's HipHop to Breakbeats to 90's R&B to 2000's HipHop!

Random Times with DJ Tati #8

In this episode I'm all over the place as usual. 
Also, interviewing Cypher Deen who was apart of #DigWorthy 1 and 2!! 


Random Times with DJ Tati #7

100% REGGAE!
Playing a lot of classic Dancehall-Reggae tunes from the 80's, 90's, 2000's!
Ranging from Beenie Man, Mr. Vegas to Queen Ifrica, Courtney Melody!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Video: StoRi: StoRi Time

If you haven't heard about STORi yet you soon will. The singer/songwriter is one of the latest artists to be added to the Motown/Universal roster. "STORi TIME" is her latest offering. Reflecting on her Past, Present & Future, Stori goes into story mode and gives the listener a insight into her world. The music video for "STORi TIME" was shot directly with a iPhone 4S. STORi is showing the world that she is defiantly a new artist to look out for in 2012. Enjoy the music, it truly speaks for itself. 
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Mixtape: Tyson Kruze - Red Tearz

Tyson Kruze is back with another mixtape titles "Red Tearz". Its FREE so go and download it! Definitely iPod worthy! Make a copy on CD as well. #DJTatiApproved
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 Here is a song off the Red Tearz Mixtape almost as 30,000 views!

Video: @Tilibop - 2 O'Clock

Tilibop's new single 2 O'Clock is currently turning it up on the airwaves in Jamaica and is sparking conversation about the Noise Abatement Act in which parties are forced to close at 2am. Tilibop has been asked to speak with Richie B of Hot102.fm to discuss his views on the affects of this law on the citizens of Jamaica. There are few DJs supporting the record heavily. To name a few; Zip Fm Djs - ZJ Elektra, ZJ Wahwa, and Zj Liquid; DJ Richie B, BIG A and a few other Irie FM Djs.  We want the rest of the world to join in on the discussion.
The official video for 2 'Clock got great reviews at this years film festival in Jamaica and will be premiering on all the major video programs in the country in the coming weeks.

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Mixtape: The Demonstrators

The Demonstrators Mixtape Hosted by yours Truly DJ Tati is now Available!!! Featuring Artists all over the united states such as Casheer, Persia, Tyson Kruze and more!! Take a LISTEN!!