Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Tilibop

Do not go where the path leads. Go where there is no path and blaze a trail…Tilibop is doing just that, as the talented, innovator of the Reggae Music Alternative Movement. His music has garnered him, rave reviews as his 38,000 friends on his My Space page will attest, a long with 1.5 million music lovers also listening with rapt attention.

This reggae sensation had an appreciation for music, since his humble beginnings as a young child in St. Mary, Jamaica to growing up amidst the turmoil in the streets of Augustown, Jamaica. Initially listening to music served as an escape from life’s daily struggles, however the music found the entertainer in him, in a surprising way; while singing to a friend, a stranger overheard his melodic voice and invited him, to a recording session. Tilibop, unhappy with his first time out, was determined to not only improve, to excel. He went home and wrote a song, and then practiced, and continued to practice until something stirred within him and he hasn’t looked back since that fateful day twelve years ago. It’s that same introspective quality and work ethic that make Tilibop the consummate vocalist he is today.

Tilibop loves and appreciates all genres of music, from Old School Soul -The Beatles - Nina Simone, Pavarotti to name a few. His roots are in Reggae and in his Reggae Music Alternative Movement is music with substance that can provide great dancing grooves, while providing thought provoking lyrics. Its music you can feel! His first single Ghetto Town has an easy dance beat, and inspiring message of struggle and determination. The Reggae Alternative Movement was born out of a willingness to experiment, meshing diverse genres of music with reggae. You can feel that unique sensibility listening to his song Champion.

Tilibop needs no introduction. Listen to his music, it so eloquently speaks for itself. This soulful spirit has a distinct voice.

Tilibop: Teaching is Love Intelligence Breathes Opportunity Prosperity

Tilibop desires to provide opportunities for young artist, allowing them freedom of expression. One of his intentions; is to expand the listening base for Reggae Music

Tilibop is passionate, focused, and gifted, with his exceptional talent it’s only a matter of time, before he captures the attention of music lovers everywhere.

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