Saturday, October 30, 2010

John Lass - Out The Box - Mixtape Review

First off let me say that I am becoming a fan of this brother here: John Lass

This mixtape belongs on everyone iPods, CD players, cars etc. Each and every song on here is worthy of your ears. Bump worthy, Repeat worthy etc. Its been a while since I have really liked a mixtape. And if I am doing a review on it, YOU KNOW ITS GOOD. I strongly recommend John Lass' "Out of The Box" especially if you are losing hope in today's generation of rappers. Might I add, he raps and produces most of his work. DON'T SLEEP ON JOHN LASS!

Out of The Box Intro

Hello - Definitely a song to bump! Also a great song to start the mixtape other than the intro.

Cruise Control* - Great production, nice mellow mood. Def something to bump to.

Power - Lyrics are really showcased nicely on this song.

Bright Eyes- Absolutely loving the production on this song very mellow and jazzy, and of course Incredible lyrics.

While I wait* - One of my favorite songs on the mixtape. Production-Message-Lyrically wise. Also very mellow and witty.

Dear Hip Hop* - One of the best productions on the mixtape. Mellow. And smooth. Repeat worthy!

Good Evening - Nice acoustic music with addition of great lyrics. Mellow-chill out-Sip on some Hot Cocoa music

Dream On- Simplistic mellow beat with very powerful lyrics. I'm sure we could all some how relate to this song.

There's A Way - Production is incredible. Reminds me of something Premo(DJ Premier) would do. Has that "underground" feel to it (Perfect for DJ's to add to a mix).

Last Action Here - Production is also very good..very "out of the box". Has a Akufen vs Kanye vibe to it.

Hooray For Lass - Production also just incredible very "Neptunes" but also Very John Lass.

Losers Can Be A Winner - BUMP WORTHY! Can definitely be an underground song merging to mainstream.

World is Yours - Dope lyrics over the "The world is yours" by Nas

Cloud 1165* - Production is very good. Lyrics are on point. BUMP WORTHY!

Hi Thymes ft. Kay La Forge - BUMP WORTHY! POINT BLANK!

Thunderbird Theme Music - Nice mellow song over The Late Issac Hayes' "The Look Of Love" with some added production.

Up Outta That - Radio quality. BUMP WORTHY!

Moment For Her - Such a sweet song with no lyrics from Lass but from whats playing you get where he is coming from.

Love Set You Free* - One of my favorites on here. Pure mellow vibes. Also a sweet song.

I Still Love You - Simple beat that gradually becomes complex (A very good thing). The flow one this one is crazy.

Catch The Rhyme ft. - All rappers on here did a very good job. Has a old school vibe but still manages to be 2010.

Home School - A song that would most likely be put in the southern category. Also something for the clubs.

The message - Production is great. Ridiculous flow. Radio quality also.

Out of The Intro- So rare that artists even have outros anymore..But this is by far one of the dopest outros I have heard since "The Score" by the Fugees.

So There You have it! Now go Download And experience John Lass.

DJ Tati Approved

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