Sunday, July 24, 2011

DJ Tati Presents: #DigWorthy - The 1st Dig

Bananacase  - Chels   
Window   -  Christopher   
Exhibit CD (feat. Vinny Alfano)  -  Cypher Deen   
Bag It Baby  -   MR2G   
Champion   - Trevon   
We Don't Believe You -   Abwon aka Uno   
Nightmares -  Disable   
Pandamonium  -  Tyson Kruze   
Breathe  -  Yung S   
Sextin  -  Abwon aka Uno   
One Question (feat. True)  -  Disable   
Addiction ft. Daniel Thomas  -  Christopher   
Ball All Night   -  Lil Cash   
Who Me    - MR2G   
Wack Niggers - Cypher Deen   
Me  -  Abwon aka Uno   
Bitch I'm Me (Feat. Celeb)   - EaZY Saeed    
Stack It Up   - Trevon   
Who U Wit  -  Disable   
Roll With Me (feat. Metamore)  - MR2G   
Party 2Nite (feat. E-Class)  -  T-Campbell   
Mama Said  -   Christopher   
2-Cent Cypher -   Chels, L.G., A.B., Supa Creative, Cypa  

*Bonus Track- A New Girl (Shelley) - Kill Will Swaggaton


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