Friday, September 23, 2011

Interview with Nova AKA Boom

What age did you start rapping? I started rapping at 13
What made you want to rap? actually my cousing got me into rapping it was something he did as a hobbie
Who are your influences? I'm definitely influnced by 90's hip hop and a little bit of motown
What do you bring to the table that makes you stand out? a lot of people say the reason they like my music is because i give them  that 90's feel even though im a young cat
Who or what kind of music do you listen to? i listen to everything you put my ipod on suffle and it will go from biggie to kesha to rick james i just like good music

Who are some artist you would like to collaborate with? there are some many Mary J, Jay-z , Eminem, mainly legends thought O and pitbull
Would you consider crossing over? Sure why not? as long as it's good i wouldnt mind
Why do you think it is hard to push Unsigned music if it is "better" than mainstream? I think it's the promotion most unsigned artist dont have the budget to get their songs played 4 times an hour on the radio and if people cant hear you it doesnt matter how much better they are you wont be in demand
What do you want to be remembered for? honestly as long as im not forgotten I'll be happy
Random fact about yourself? Rottweiler are my favorite dog
Hidden Talent? I'm a really good cook
If you weren't a rapper what would you be? Something behind the scene in either TV or Radio thats what i'm getting my degree in at least
Any last words? Me and My Crazy World Oct 31st, hit me on tumblr at qworldnova.tumblr.comand follow me on twitter @novaakarayray

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