Monday, May 7, 2012

EP: Scraps: Meet & Part Company - Maleiva Kem

In the Words of Maleiva Kem:

During my recent stay in USA, I recorded my first EP « Scraps : Meet And Part Company », a 4-tracks album; recorded at the Freedom Hall (Florida) and produced by Spudd Brown and Mahewa Wazuri in a chill atmosphere. 

A relationship, it’s an interlacing of moments, situations, laughter, fights, sensations… Scraps : Meet And Part Compan, it is the pieces of a story that could have been , that once was, that will be, or never will. 

I enjoyed making this project; I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it! 

released 05 September 2011 
Written By Maleiva Kem 
Produced By Spudd Brown & Mahewa Wazuri 
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Freedom Hall 
Artwork by Jean-Fran├žois Amah

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