Thursday, February 17, 2011

Be On The Look-Out: Artist of the Week- Milo Don

In today's rap world every up and coming artist nowadays feel the need to want to make it big without any kind of blood, swear, & tears. Everyone's looking for that get rich quick scheme without putting effort into their music by nurturing their craft and mastering the art.

Artists coming up now are in the face of shrinking budgets and not taking serious due to lack of a fan base or any kind of experience and just wanting to fall directly into simple dance moves leaning on the presence to amass digital single sales. They are all sounding the same but a few like Milo Don are raising the bar. Taking lyrical-content, catchy hooks and everyday life experience to sway the course of the current rap market.

New York Native Milo Don (Born Matthew Taylor) promise change goin' come to hip hop once again. His direction to take music not back to where it was but to a place where music has definition again, where the people can relate but yet still carry endless appreciation to the swagg. By just being his creative self and winning over the crowd, Milo Don always keep the people wanting more. With his up & coming mixtape called 'Dolla N A Dream' inspired by everyday life you will get to see his hunger from tracks like ''Beaming'', ''New York'' , ''Running'' ''Good Night'' ''Do The Damn Thing'' ''On Top Of The World'' and much more.


Dolla N A Dream Mixtape Coming 2011!

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